The Red Shtick Podcast, Episode 168: “Gentrified Hipster Pimps”

[Explicit language]

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TRS_PodcastLogoHot off his tour around SEC country, comedian Evan Rabalais is back at El Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant with Jeremy White, Sunny Weathers, and Sunny’s new “Faux Pro” (trademarked) camera, which he plans to wear at Saturday’s Spanish Town Parade.

The guys talk about how the Palestinian owners of the Akasha Market find Tigerland (aka “the Mos Eisley of Baton Rouge”) scarier than the Gaza Strip. That leads to Sunny and Evan each describing recent incidents in which they may have helped save a couple of women’s lives.

Jeremy knocks off a bit from NPR’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me and uses a news quiz format to present for discussion a few items, including the name of China’s lunar rover and the illegality of roller derby in Maine. The show wraps up after a round of “Five Questions” in which Sunny declares a wish for certain people to die in a church bus wreck.



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