THIS Is the King Cake You Gotta Get

Holy shit, did you taste this? Did you taste this fucking shit?

Here, have a bite. Dude, fucking get over here and taste this. You’re gonna drop a load in your fucking pants.

Have you ever tasted a king cake this fucking good? Goddamn, this king cake is fucking good. Like, fucking crazy-awesome good. Goddamn. Jesus Fucking Christ, that’s good.

Taste that cream cheese, son. Fuck yeah. Tastes like titties.

Who made it? Did it come from De-Julio’s? What’s the name of that fucking Italian place? Holy shit. With all the fucking cherries and shit in there. That’s some fucking good king cake. Not the bullshit that comes from Wal-Mart or Albertson’s.

Mmm. Fuck. Taste that cream cheese, son. Fuck yeah. Tastes like titties.

OK, we gotta pass a rule. You get king cake, you get the good shit like this. Get shit like this, and I’ll give that mother fucker a real baby.

Mother fuck, that’s good.RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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