Parents Outraged Schools “Indoctrinating” Students Into Islam With Arabic Numerals

A growing number of Louisiana parents are threatening to take their children out of public schools that teach the use of Arabic numerals, which they say is state-sponsored promotion of Islam.

Hundreds of furious parents have said they will not allow their children to return to school after the winter holiday break unless state education officials take swift and decisive action to ensure them that such numerals will no longer be taught and/or used in any classes, alleging use of Arabic numerals is a means of Islamic indoctrination.

The parents say they were shocked and angered after recently discovering the numerals, as well as the associated Hindu-Arabic numeral system, represent a significant portion of material being taught to public school students, starting as early as kindergarten.

Many of the parents have expressed their outrage via comments in an online petition calling for all Louisiana public schools to immediately ban Arabic numerals from classroom instruction.

“I don’t want my 6-year-old daughter learning about Allah,” commented Susan Dugas, of Arnaudville. “I’ll keep her at home and let her watch Sesame Street to learn her ABCs and 123s before I let her learn to become a damn Muslim.”

“I’ll be damned if any of my kids will learn that Muslim math crap so they can join ISIS. Next thing you know, they’ll be counting to 72 with virgins.”

Another commenter, Springfield’s Debbie Pierce, wrote, “U GOT 2B KIDDIN ME! Im 150% against Arabic numbers! This is CRAZEE! Why cant they just teach our kids American numbers like we learned in school?”

Richard Zeringue, of Labadieville, claims he’s already enrolled his three sons in a private school to ensure they are no longer taught about Arabic numerals.

“I’ll be damned if any of my kids will learn that Muslim math crap so they can join ISIS,” Zeringue wrote in a comment. “Next thing you know, they’ll be counting to 72 with virgins.”

Another parent blamed federal Common Core teaching standards and President Barack Obama for the ostensible plot to convert Louisiana schoolchildren to the Muslim faith.

“It’s all part of that goddam Common Core which was mandated by that Muslim in the White House,” claimed Walter Laroux, of Brusly. “Obama bin Laden is indoctrinating our kids into Islam with Arabic numerals to turn us into a damn caliphate! WAKE UP AMERICA!”

When asked for comment on the matter, state Superintendent of Education John White replied, “Can I just be fired already?”RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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