Bobby Jindal Kicks Off His GTFO Tour

After giving countless Louisiana voters likely the worst case of buyer’s remorse they’ll ever have, Gov. Bobby Jindal has set off on a tour of the state to polish the turd of a legacy he’s leaving behind.

The term-limited Republican is traveling across Louisiana — and actually speaking to local media — as his second term wraps up, trying one last time to put the patented positive Jindal spin on his time in office. With lines like “I will never regret the things we tried to do,” it’s obvious Jindal’s protective bubble is still remarkably intact.

Given how many people, including myriad folks like me who voted for Jindal (three times, in my case), consider him to be arguably the worst governor in the state’s history, his farewell tour is kind of like Captain Smith of the Titanic bragging to his doomed passengers about how fast they sailed to reach the iceberg.

The whole thing almost makes me wish Jindal was still in Iowa running for president instead of going around Louisiana looking for pats on the back. At least the folks in the Hawkeye State were too ignorant about him and his tenure as governor to not show up to his events.

Jindal likely had better luck drawing people to a Des Moines pizza buffet to hear him speak than he did attracting folks to hear him address the Press Club of Baton Rouge on Monday, the first official stop on the governor’s GTFO tour. According to The Advocate’s Elizabeth Crisp, “many of the seats in the Belle of Baton Rouge meeting hall were empty, including the extras brought in to accommodate a larger-than-normal crowd.”

Jindal is like a deadbeat dad who’s finally back after eight years, expecting hugs and kisses from his kids.

The week before, Jindal’s farewell tour unofficially began with a couple of stops in north Louisiana. His stop at CenturyTel in Monroe, not far from Jindal’s Duck Dynasty buddies, reportedly attracted a total of seven people. That includes media and the governor’s security detail.

What if you threw a going-away party and no one showed up to say goodbye? I think Bobby Jindal is finding out the answer.

It really is a shame Jindal couldn’t afford to continue campaigning for president until at least Jan. 11, the day John Bel Edwards is sworn in as our next governor, so we could have been spared such a pathetic display. After being aloof from the local media and constantly traveling around the country while his state went to shit, Jindal is like a deadbeat dad who’s finally back after eight years, expecting hugs and kisses from his kids.

Jindal told the sparse crowd at the weekly Press Club meeting Monday, “I’ll always look back and wish we could do more.”

More what? Damage?

Despite imperiling Louisiana’s fiscal solvency for the sake of his presidential aspirations, perhaps Jindal envisioned himself being carried off the field like Les Miles, not realizing most Louisianians hold him in the same regard as Curley Hallman (i.e., they simply wish they could forget he was ever here).

Besides, Jindal has vigorously opposed expanding Medicaid. Maybe if more people in Louisiana could afford health insurance, they’d be willing to risk injury carrying Jindal off the field … or at least to the edge of a cliff.RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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