YOUR VOICES: Angola Warden Burl Cain is Resigning. What Say You?

Angola_Warden_Burl_CainAfter serving as warden of the famous Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola for over 20 years, Burl Cain announced Wednesday that he is stepping down effective Jan. 1. The 73-year-old’s resignation as arguably the country’s most notable jailer comes amid the Louisiana legislative auditor’s investigation into Cain’s private real estate deals with relatives and friends of inmates, which were an apparent violation of Department of Public Safety and Corrections rules, as detailed in an article published by The Advocate last month.

What do you think about this?


Your-voices-blonde-woman-cropped“Now he’ll have more time to coerce deathbed confessions with his grandchildren.” — Melanie Batts, teacher


IndianGirl-YourVoices“Does this mean all the prisoners get to leave?” — Sharon Patel, vet assistant




WhiteSuit-man-YourVoices“I was expecting him to go out like that warden in The Shawshank Redemption.” — William Patterson, lounge owner


YourVoices-Woman-Parking_Lot“I’m going to miss Fat Ric Flair.” — Andrea Swenson, mystery shopper




Your-Voices-Goatee-Man“Does he still get to keep all his bribes?” — Dan Fletcher, photographer






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