Man With Muslim on Fantasy Football Team Wants All Muslims Gone After Season

A Baton Rouge man with anti-Islam sentiments and a Muslim player on his fantasy football team said he wants to see America rid of all Muslims after the conclusion of the current NFL regular season.

Joey Robideaux explained that when he picked the New England Patriots defense in his fantasy league draft back in August, he was unaware that Patriot defensive tackle Dominique Easley had converted to Islam just months earlier.

“Just like the rest of those damn Muslims coming to America to kill us all, he’s a sneaky bastard for turning Muslim and not even changing his name to ‘Mahmood Mustafa Muhammed Ali Jihad’ or some crap like that,” Robideaux said of Easley, the Patriots’ 2014 first-round draft pick who tweeted in March about his newfound faith.

In fantasy football, team owners like Robideaux select various players at skill positions — like quarterback, running back, and receiver — and earn points based on their individual statistics. However, to earn points on the defensive side of the ball, team owners select a single defensive unit as a whole, which means Robideaux can’t trade away Easley to a less xenophobic team owner in his fantasy league.

“As much as I want to see all Muslims leave this country, I need him to help stop the run down the stretch.”

While the 32-year-old Robideaux openly believes the United States is at war with Islam and should “get rid of all Muslims,” he concedes he would first like to win his fantasy football league championship, a feat Robideaux believes Easley could help him achieve by continuing to play for New England.

“As much as I want to see all Muslims leave this country, I need him to help stop the run down the stretch,” Robideaux admitted. “I’m so close to winning it all this year. I need the Pats defense to dominate these last few games, even if it means having a goddam Muslim as a run-stuffer.”

Robideaux’s fantasy football team, named “Red, White, and Bruise,” has been part of a traditional fantasy league started by some of Robideaux’s friends nearly a decade ago.

“Eight years in this league and I’ve never won the championship,” Robideaux lamented. “But right now, I just need a few stand-out performances from a couple of key players and New England to play lights-out defense through the end of the season. After that, Easley could move to Syria and join ISIS for all I care.”

The divorced father of two added, “There are two things I want to see: our badass league championship trophy on my mantle and Donald Trump in the White House. He’ll get rid of the Muslims in this country so I don’t have to worry about accidentally drafting one again.”RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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