Piccadilly Aims to Attract Younger Customers by Targeting Baby Boomers

Piccadilly Restaurants’ aging patrons have prompted the company to begin marketing specifically to people in their 50s and 60s in order to help establish a more youthful customer base.

The Baton Rouge-based eatery has announced plans for an advertising campaign designed to attract baby boomers in an effort to replace the chain’s increasingly deceased loyal diners.

Piccadilly’s Chief Operating Officer Chris Sanchez says the strategy may seem radical to some longtime fans of the cafeteria-style restaurant, but he said he’s confident that marketing to those on the verge of retirement is the best way to ensure the company’s continued threadbare existence.

“Piccadilly has long been a favorite place to dine for senior citizens,” Sanchez said. “But as you know, seniors have a rather high mortality rate, which is why we’re launching a hip and edgy media blitz to bring in the next big wave of people drawing Social Security.”

Sanchez said his marketing team has decided to utilize mainly billboards and Facebook sponsored posts to attract boomers.

“We’re launching a hip and edgy media blitz to bring in the next big wave of people drawing Social Security.”

“Unlike our current typical diner, the campaign’s target demographic not only still drives but still has sufficient vision to read billboards,” Sanchez explained. “Plus, studies show folks that age usually refrain from texting and driving, which means they’re actually paying attention to their surroundings, like billboards.”

As for the sponsored posts, Sanchez said there are millions of baby boomers on Facebook, but most of them aren’t tech-savvy enough to realize a sponsored post is just another form of paid advertisement, thus making it an essentially organic — and much more effective — type of marketing.

In addition to promoting the restaurants’ signature home-style comfort food, Sanchez said Piccadilly’s new promotional effort will appeal to many baby boomers’ soon-to-be slimmer pocketbooks.

Sanchez said the campaign’s message will include the tagline “Since your income is about to be fixed, why not let us do the same for your meals?”RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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