Bobby Jindal: Inside the Numbers


The Red Shtick’s resident data nerd, Jared Kendall, has compiled some interesting statistics about Louisiana Gov. and Republican candidate for president Bobby Jindal:


  • He spent 17% more time in Iowa than in Baton Rouge during 2015.
  • He was considered “brilliant” by 92% of his classmates in college.
  • He is familiar with 97% of the state’s normal operations.
  • He believes the Bible is 100% correct.
  • He orders pizza 12% of the time when dining on the road.
  • He has personally met 7% of the population of Iowa.
  • He has 1.2% remorse over the closing of the Baton Rouge General Medical Center-Mid City emergency room.
  • He once drank 43% of a 2-liter bottle of soda all by himself.
  • He is taller than 37% of politicians.
  • He adds 147% to the creepiness of any shot when he appears on camera.RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop



About Jared Kendall

A freelance data journalist and father of two, Jared Kendall has been using comedy as a coping mechanism his entire life. Born a Yankee, Jared's twenty-year stint in Baton Rouge still leaves him with one question: "Why'd I move here, again?"

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