REJECTED ASK THE ADVOCATE ANSWERED: Should I Believe in Climate Change Now That LSU Canceled a Game?

Q: I’ve never believed in all that climate change mess, but now that weather made LSU cancel a football game for the first time since World War I, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s real. Plus, I read online where somebody said we could’ve played the McNeese game if Dan Borne hadn’t brought in all that pollution and made it rain. In any case, should I believe in climate change now?


A: Yes, you should believe in climate change, but not because LSU had to cancel a game.

You should believe in climate change because of science. Overwhelming scientific data show the Earth’s climate is rapidly changing, resulting not only in warmer ocean temperatures but also different weather patterns, which may likely be resulting in more severe weather.

Moreover, whether you “believe” in climate change does not affect whether it is taking place or not, no more than believing or not believing in gravity affects its realness.

But, hey, if it takes LSU being forced to cancel a football game for the first time in almost 100 years for you to finally accept that climate change is real, maybe more games should be canceled just so people like you can finally realize the truth about what’s going on with the Earth’s climate.

And as for Tiger Stadium PA announcer Dan Borne, who also serves as president of the Louisiana Chemical Association, we seriously doubt he personally caused the rain and thunderstorms that led to the game’s cancellation, but his constituency’s history of emissions undoubtedly didn’t help the situation, either.RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop



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