LSU’s Alleva Says McNeese Ticket Refunds to be Available in Mike the Tiger’s Cage

LSU football fans who bought tickets to the canceled home opener against McNeese State University will be able to get refunds in Mike the Tiger’s habitat, according to Athletic Director Joe Alleva.

Alleva said checks for face value of the tickets will be made out to the individuals on record as purchasing the tickets from the Athletic Department, and will be strung up about 20 feet off the ground in the $3 million enclosure that the school’s live Bengal-Siberian hybrid tiger mascot calls home.

People who bought tickets on the open market will be “shit out of luck,” Alleva stated.

“Fans who purchased tickets for the McNeese game from the LSU Athletic Department be able to get their full refunds at their convenience in Mike VI’s lair,” Alleva said. “I suggest bringing a ladder and a few pounds of raw meat.”

People who bought tickets on the open market will be “shit out of luck,” Alleva stated.

Joe-Alleva-LSU-WaveThe game kicked off at 6:30 p.m. but was suspended about 20 minutes later due to lightning in the area. Several hours later, after persistent thunderstorms rolled through Baton Rouge, officials announced the game had been canceled in the interest of player safety, a move that many fans called “bullshit.”

Alleva also offered a sobering caveat about redeeming refunds.

“You can get a ticket refund if you want one,” Alleva added. “But you’re just going to be taking money out of the LSU operating system. Thanks to that guy with delusions of being president, this is how we fund education.”RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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