HERO HIGHLIGHT: Elbert Guillory – Vicarious Racial Slurrer

Let’s be honest. Saying racial slurs is fun. Why else would countless people risk being called a racist or a bigot by uttering them every day?

But many people aren’t able to enjoy the fun of uttering racial epithets — even in private conversations amongst friends — because doing so simply poses too great a risk to their careers. Foremost in this group are politicians and political party leaders, especially white Republicans.

This is why we salute state Sen. Elbert Guillory, candidate for Louisiana lieutenant governor. Within only a few years of leaving the Democratic Party to become a Republican, Guillory is now the official utterer of racial slurs for the entire Louisiana GOP.

A couple weeks ago, Guillory’s campaign released a video that included a reenactment of President Lyndon Johnson using the N-word. Titled “A Conversation With Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,” the video portrayed Guillory having an imaginary conversation with the late Dr. King, because how one conducts imagined conversations with dead civil rights leaders is an important issue for Louisiana voters when deciding who’d best run our state parks and attract tourism.

Guillory’s two-minute video is like a veritable orgasm of ethnic invectives.

The video also featured the kind of production quality that one would find only in the finest of adult films. And while the exact statement attributed to Johnson is merely legendary, it’s a pretty safe bet to say LBJ dropped N-bombs like napalm on the Viet Cong. After all, remember, they are fun to say. Plus, he was an old white Texan in the ’60s.

But one N-bomb isn’t nearly sufficient to satisfy an entire state political party’s urge to blurt out racial epithets, so Guillory has apparently been scouring The Racial Slur Database to dutifully fulfill his self-appointed role as the Louisiana GOP’s vicarious racial slurrer.

Less than a week after Guillory’s wholly accurate depiction of Johnson’s mythical N-bomb, Guillory released another video, “Let’s Talk About Race.” In that one, not only does Guillory and his cast drop eight — EIGHT — N-bombs, but he also articulates numerous other epithets that we feel much more comfortable mentioning, including “wop,” “kike,” “spic,” “raghead,” “slant,” “gook,” and “redskin.” Guillory’s two-minute video is like a veritable orgasm of ethnic invectives.

And not only is he generously allowing himself to be an outlet through whom white members of his party can vicariously blurt out such terms with impunity, but he’s also setting himself apart from his opponents by being the only candidate for lieutenant governor willing to attract to Louisiana tourists who want to visit a state where the elected officials are totally comfortable with publicly and gratuitously using racially charged sobriquets.RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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