LSU Looks to Augment Funds With Medical Marijuana Farm

Louisiana’s flagship university is hoping to raise extra funds by raising medically prescribed cannabis on its Parade Ground, LSU Chancellor and President F. King Alexander says.

In the wake of a legislative session that saw both the legalization of medical marijuana and the specter of devastating budget cuts to higher education, Alexander says converting the Parade Ground into a multi-acre, moneymaking, pot-growing operation is a no-brainer.

“Louisiana’s colleges and universities may have dodged the bullet this year,” Alexander explains, “but there’s no guarantee future lawmakers won’t try again to balance the budget by killing higher education, especially since it — just like health care — falls in the 30% of the state budget that isn’t constitutionally protected. By growing medical marijuana, we’re helping the two groups most at risk to budget cuts: higher education and sick people. It’s a win-win.”

“We’re helping LSU get back to its agricultural roots by putting the ‘high’ in ‘higher ed.’”

Alexander points out the school’s full name still includes “Agricultural and Mechanical College,” something he says the new pot-growing program, dubbed Growable Resources for Augmenting Scholastic Self-sustainability (GRASS), harkens back to.

“Not only are we helping secure the financial future of this great institution, we’re also helping LSU get back to its agricultural roots by putting the ‘high’ in ‘higher ed,'” Alexander maintains.

As for those concerned about the historic Parade Ground, where the Ole War Skule’s military cadets have trained and marched for decades, being turned into a marijuana farm, Alexander insists there will still be a place for ROTC training there.

“The LSU Corps of Cadets may not be able to march on the Parade Ground anymore, but they will still get excellent, hands-on training by being deployed to guard the farm around the clock,” Alexander says. “And while we certainly don’t want to become the next Kent State, if they encounter any intruders, they will have orders to shoot to kill.”RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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