FACT CHECK: Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential Campaign Announcement

Yesterday, real estate mogul and reality TV star Donald Trump officially announced his candidacy for president of the United States in a 45-minute speech. As a public service, we have fact-checked some of the bolder claims Trump made during his announcement.


TRUMP: (On Obamacare) Deductibles are through the roof. You have to get hit by a tractor, literally a tractor, to use it because the deductibles are so high it’s virtually useless.

FALSE: There are plenty of other farm implements that can inflict just as much, if not more, damage to the human body as a tractor.


TRUMP: I have so many websites. I have them all over the place. I hire people; they do a website. It costs me $3.

TRUE: Like lots of other American businesspeople, Donald Trump hires people to design websites and ultimately pays them next to nothing.


TRUMP: Hey, I have lobbyists. I have to tell you, I have lobbyists that can produce anything for me.

TRUE: Trump has a 5-headed purple unicorn that eats negative thoughts and shits pure gold, all thanks to his lobbyists.


Trump_the_art_of_the_dealTRUMP: We need a leader that wrote The Art of the Deal.

FALSE: America doesn’t need a ghostwriter named Tony Schwartz.


TRUMP: I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created.

FALSE: God has patently denied any culpability in the creation of Donald Trump.


TRUMP: We have people that are stupid. We have people that aren’t smart.

TRUE: They’re called Donald Trump supporters.


trump_china_shirtTRUMP: I love China.

TRUE: They do a bang-up job making his shirts over there.


TRUMP: I don’t care. I’m really rich.

TRUE: Donald Trump is wealthy and does not give a fuck.


TRUMP: And by the way, I’m not even saying that to brag.

FALSE: That’s bullshit. He totally said that to brag.


TRUMP: I think I’m a nice person.

TRUE: He truly thinks he’s a nice person.


TRUMP: I’m proud of my net worth.

TRUE: Very self-evident, especially later in the speech when he makes a huge production of declaring his net worth.


TRUMP: I’m not doing that to brag, because you know what? I don’t have to brag.

FALSE: If the man doesn’t brag at least once every five minutes, he will literally die.


TRUMP: We have losers. We have losers.

TRUE: We have people named Donald Trump.


TRUMP: Nobody builds walls better than me, believe me.

TRUE: With statements like “Laziness is a trait in blacks,” “Black guys counting my money! I hate it,” and “I have a great relationship with the blacks,” it’s obvious Trump is a master at building walls.


TRUMP: I will build a great, great wall on our southern border. And I will have Mexico pay for that wall.

HALF TRUE: Actually, he’ll get China to build the “great, great wall,” because building “great walls” is sort of their thing, like making Trump’s shirts. However, he will get Mexico to pay for it, because he’s a master of not paying for his shit. Just ask his web designers.


TRUMP: The American Dream is dead.

FALSE: It’s playing dead in hopes Trump will leave it alone and go away.RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop



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