YOUR VOICES: Jindal Criticized Lincoln Chafee for Championing the Metric System. What Say You?

Rhode Island Republican-turned-Democrat Lincoln Chafee announced his presidential campaign Wednesday, and with it, his desire to see the U.S. convert to the metric system standard of weights and measures. Almost immediately, Gov. Bobby Jindal’s spokesman Michael Reed responded by attacking Chafee in an email to Politico, saying, “Typical Democrat — wants to make America more European. Governor Jindal would rather make the world more American.”

What do you think about this?


Your-voices-blonde-woman-cropped“Wow. Did a metric ruler go all Josh Duggar on Jindal as a kid?” – Celeste Mulder, social worker



WhiteSuit-man-YourVoices“I like the metric system. My junk sounds bigger in centimeters.” – Craig Thomas, warehouse manager


Your-Voices-Goatee-Man“I’m with Jindal on this. You know who else used the metric system? Hitler.” – Joel McCoy, film location scout





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