YOUR VOICES: Gov. Bobby Jindal Has Written Another Book. What Say You?

American-Will-Bobby-JindalGov. Bobby Jindal is slated to release his second book, American Will: The Forgotten Choices That Changed Our Republic, this October through Threshold Editions, an imprint of Simon & Schuster specializing in conservative nonfiction. Jindal, whose 2010 book was titled Leadership and Crisis, said in a statement via Threshold that his latest book will serve as “a call to arms” for the future as he reviews events ranging from the Louisiana Purchase to the Cold War. The announcement added that the book offers “dramatic tales that demonstrate the courage, faith, and vision that we need in 2016.”

What do you think about this?


Your-Voices-Goatee-Man“I hope his supporters can color inside the lines.” – Joe DeJohn, videographer




Your-voices-blonde-woman-cropped“‘Forgotten Choices?’ I wish I could forget I chose to vote for him.” – Kristie Portier, social worker



WhiteSuit-man-YourVoices“He obviously had plenty of time to write it while traveling everywhere but Louisiana.” – Nathan James, pharmacy tech


YourVoices-Woman-Parking_Lot“It’s not often you hear a Bible thumper extol the virtues of choice.” – Stacey Keen, political junkie



Your-Voices-Couple“Does it come with a barf bag?” – Ellen and Jim White, retired educators





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