The Red Shtick Podcast, Episode 126: “Last Podcast on Earth”

[Explicit language]

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TRS_PodcastLogoSunny Weathers and The Family Dinner’s Robert Rau once again join Jeremy White for an episode at El Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, and guess what … the audio is usable this time! Woohoo!

Sunny explains why he loves (and occasionally hates) The Last Man on Earth. The guys also talk about strip club ads that sound more like monster truck rally commercials.

Dudes endowed with some serious pixelation.
Dude’s endowed with some serious pixelation.

Jeremy brings up the sketchy story of a “wishy-washy” New Orleans man who owns an AK-47 and whose father was killed by “intruders” with an AK-47. Sunny explains how he wants to die and be recounted by friends on the ensuing ID Network show about his inevitable murder.

Other topics include the worst hide-and-seek player/criminal in the world, a naked man in North Carolina, Zordoz, The Purge, and getting drunk for the sake of public safety.


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