YOUR VOICES: LA is One of the States Most Dependent on the Federal Government. What Say You?

A recent report shows Louisiana ranks near the top of the list of states most dependent on the federal government. Using metrics such as return on taxes paid to the federal government, federal funding as a percentage of state revenue, and federal employees per capita, the WalletHub study ranks Louisiana overall as the 8th most federally dependent state, with New Mexico being the most dependent.

What do you think about this?


Your-Voices-Goatee-Man“So that’s what Jindal meant when he said our ‘economy is stronger than ever.'” – Phil Campo, agricultural ethicist


WhiteSuit-man-YourVoices“Good thing they don’t drug-test welfare recipient states.” – Ronald Hampton, tattoo removal consultant


YourVoices-Woman-Parking_Lot“You know who’ll cut off federal funds to Louisiana? President Bobby Jindal.” – Heidi Norwall, personal shopper



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