Another Louisiana Town to Enact Pit Bull Ban

Off the WireIn a move sure to outrage both animal lovers and animal rights activists, not to mention rabid fans of the breed, the town of DeQuincy is set to enact a ban on the ownership of American pit bull terriers, or “pit bulls,” within the city’s limits effective next month.

A vocal group of concerned citizens joined together last year to drum up support for a ban after an entire class of DeQuincy Elementary School third-graders, two part-time school bus drivers, and three teachers were eaten by pit bulls during a school field trip to a local park. It was a tragedy some say was extremely avoidable.

“It’s just common sense. Animals are going to be animals, and pit bulls are a dangerous breed,” said Mary Hawkins, president of DeQuincy Citizens Against Dogs Eating Kids, which pushed for the ban. “The ones who ate Mrs. Pepper’s class last year were just running wild in the park — they could have eaten any one of us! Something had to be done!”

“Taking a man’s dog? That’s un-American. I have a Second Amendment right to a dog!”

Meanwhile, DeQuincy resident and pit bull owner Victor Cruz disagrees.

“Now I have to find a home for my baby pit, Missy. She ain’t ate no kids!” Cruz pleaded. “Why she gotta be punished for what some other dogs she don’t know did? How do I explain this to my kids who love their dog, that she has to go? It’s some shit, man! Fuck DeQuincy!”

Cruz’s friend Travis Christopher agrees.

“Taking a man’s dog? That’s un-American,” Christopher claimed. “I have a Second Amendment right to a dog! Fuck DeQuincy!”

Cruz remains hopeful outside pressure on Mayor Lawrence Henagan and his City Council will prompt them to at least postpone the ban or revoke it entirely. In the meantime, however, he’s searching for a new home for 3-year-old Missy, whom he’s had since she was a 9-week-old puppy.

“I’m praying someone will make these people change their minds about pit bulls,” Cruz said. “I mean, I know people are still a little freaked about kids getting eaten, but Americans have rights, you know?”RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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