Q: Say, bruh, when can I smoke pot? Like, I got buds that got super blazed in Colorado last week. Like, all of last week. I don’t have that kind of scratch to get stoned in another country, man. When we gonna have that shit here?


A: You can smoke it right now.

It’s totally legal, “bruh.” It’s not a crime in Louisiana to smoke or eat marijuana.

Possessing it is another matter.

As for when possession of cannabis will be legalized in Louisiana — whether for recreational or even just medical reasons — don’t hold your toke.

We know you’ve probably got memory issues due to chronic chronic usage, but remember, you’re in one of the least progressive states (aka “countries”) in the United States. Sorry to harsh your mellow, man, but marijuana likely won’t be legalized in your lifetime.

If you want to legally possess and smoke weed, we suggest you switch to dank and use the savings to fund a move to Colorado.

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