HERO HIGHLIGHT: Rush Limbaugh – James Bond Purist

We salute conservative radio talk show host and Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness spokesperson Rush Limbaugh for standing up to the diversity hustlers who are trying to foist upon us the idea of a black James Bond.

Rush bravely took a strong stance – and made an even stronger case – against the prospect of a 007 of color on his show Tuesday.

“James Bond is a total concept put together by Ian Fleming,” Rush said in response to a report that Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairwoman Amy Pascal recommended to Columbia Pictures that Luther and The Wire star Idris Elba be cast as the successor to the current Bond, Daniel Craig. “He was white and Scottish, period. That is who James Bond is.”

Jeffrey-Wright-Felix-Leiter-Casino-RoyaleAmen. It makes absolutely no sense for a black man to portray James Bond. They might as well cast a black man to play James Bond’s CIA buddy Felix Leiter. It’s just as ludicrous an idea. After all, his name is pronounced “lighter,” not “darker.”

“We’ve had 50 years of white Bonds because Bond is white,” Limbaugh deftly argued. “Bond was never black. Ian Fleming never created a black Brit to play James Bond.”

skyfall-naomie-harris-moneypennyExactly. Ian Fleming never created a black Brit to play James Bond. Just like he never made Miss Moneypenny a black woman.

“But now Sony is suggesting that the next James Bond should be Idris Elba, a black Briton, rather than a white from Scotland,” Rush explained.

How dare they even think about deviating from the long line of white Scotsmen who have portrayed Bond, like Englishman Roger Moore, Welshman Timothy Dalton, Irishman Pierce Brosnan, and Australian George Lazenby!

What next? A female M? How laughable!

James Bond has always been Scottish, in that Ian Fleming began adding hints of a Scottish ancestry to 007’s backstory only after the extraordinary success of Sean Connery’s first movie as Bond, Dr. No, in 1962, nearly a decade after first publishing the character in 1953’s Casino Royale.

daniel-craig-judi-dench-skyfallSony executives deserved to be hacked and embarrassed for trying to destroy the James Bond franchise with ridiculous casting suggestions. What next? A female M? How laughable!

It’s bad enough Hollywood has already totally ruined the iconic Little Orphan Annie franchise by remaking the movie Annie with a black Annie and black Daddy Warbucks. How believable is that?

More like "Baby Daddy Warbucks."
More like “Baby Daddy Warbucks.”

First of all, Daddy Warbucks is supposed to be a billionaire, and the only black billionaire is Jay-Z, but only because he and Beyoncé are married and have community property. And Jay-Z isn’t about to adopt some kid. He’s already got his hands full with Blue Ivy, Beyoncé, and the Nets.

Secondly, if you make Annie black, then it makes no sense for her to be adopted by a black man. Everyone knows black orphans only get adopted by famous white women like Angelina Jolie and Madonna.

Plus, Annie sings “Hard Knock Life.” What the hell does an orphaned black kid know about the struggle?

James Bond is a famous, white, historical figure who should be portrayed by a white man. Just like famous, white, historical figure Cleopatra was played by Elizabeth Taylor.

A black man portraying British superspy James Bond – as Rush so eloquently and hilariously put it – would be just like George Clooney and Kate Hudson playing Barack and Michelle Obama, or Kelsey Grammer portraying Nelson Mandela, or Rob Reiner cast as Al Sharpton, or Scarlett Johansson as Condoleeza Rice.

Elizabeth-Taylor-CleopatraYes, James Bond is a famous, white, historical figure who should be portrayed by a white man. Just like famous, white, historical figure Cleopatra was played by Elizabeth Taylor. Don’t believe ancient Egyptians were white? Just ask Rush’s good buddy Rupert Murdoch.

sean-connery_james-bond-japanese-you-only-live-twiceBesides, if James Bond were black, there’s no way he could pass himself off as a bona fide Japanese man as Sean Connery did in You Only Live Twice. A black man with Japanese eye makeup and hair? Do you know how absurd he’d look?

ricardo-montalban-japanese-sayonaraSo kudos to Rush for so competently defending 007’s uncorrupted Scottish Caucasian pedigree from the multiculturalism peddlers in today’s movie industry. Idris Elba playing Bond would be almost as stupid as Mexican Ricardo Montalban playing a Japanese Kabuki actor.RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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