Reporter Cuts, Pastes From Press Releases, Calls Self “Journalist”

A newspaper reporter who habitually writes stories exclusively by copying verbatim from press releases has the gall to fancy himself a journalist.

Courier Sun business reporter Blake Towson, who proudly considers himself a vital member of the American free press, habitually churns out stories sourced solely with the unchecked claims offered by various organizations and individuals looking to promote their own agendas.

Towson’s workday typically consists of checking his email for press releases, pitching to his editor stories based on angles suggested in the press releases, then using the text within the press releases to compose stories that get passed off as hard-hitting news.

Towson has been known to post comments on social media and lamenting “the death of true journalism” in America.

He’ll also occasionally cash paychecks issued to him by the Courier Sun as compensation for his work as an amplifier of words provided by other people.

During his downtime, Towson, whose Facebook and Twitter moniker is “Blake Towson Journalist,” has been known to post comments on social media and lamenting “the death of true journalism” in America, often blaming the country’s journalism schools for not instilling a stronger sense of journalistic ethics in their graduates.

While Towson says he’s happy with his current role at the Courier Sun, he hopes to one day work as a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, where, he says, he’ll rehash the shit out of some press releases.RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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