SHOCKER: Gay Man to Have Anonymous Sex


Mischa Badasyan is, apparently, a performance artist of some sort. Living in Germany. Therefore, obviously, he’s about to do a new project involving sex and making the rest of us uncomfortable. (Thanks, Germany!)

In his case, he’s decided to really push the boundaries by threatening all the preconceived notions the rest of the world has regarding gay men – he plans to spend a year sleeping with a new stranger every night.

This project of his will work wonders to help change public perceptions of homosexual men as hypermonogamous, somewhat prudish introverts who often seem almost asexual in their lack of intimate derring-do. Finally, a gay guy who’s willing to push the boundaries and go for some meaningless one-night stands.

OK, OK, I get it – that’s his whole point. He intends to point out the loneliness and isolation of his project.

Finally, a gay guy who’s willing to push the boundaries and go for some meaningless one-night stands.

Yet, at the same time, I struggle not to roll my eyes and mutter something about being part of the problem. I know I’m not the ideal audience when it comes to performance art. Or cums to performance art. Whatever.

You know you're strange when Germans think you're weird.
You know you’re strange when Germans think you’re weird.

What’s worse, I’m a bit of a prude. Sex means something, or should. I try not to argue with folks who disagree, but I’m pretty bad about it. When I hear about someone treating it so lightly, it really gets my panties in a bunch. Which it shouldn’t – what other people do with their nether regions is none of my business and has no bearing on me.

Still, how the hell does a year of anonymous sex become “art”? What else could qualify? In a meaningless, self-indulgent world, can’t art bring a little joy and beauty? Seems like we’ve got plenty of loneliness and isolation to go around.

But that’s on me. I well know just how screwed-up I am. Could be that’s what Badasyan and I have in common – an acute awareness of our own failings. I don’t know.

All I know is, the very concept bums me out in a profound, fundamental way. And it also feels like it perpetuates a negative stereotype for no good reason.

Oh, and his name has “bad-ass” in it. Pretty sure that’s funny.RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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