The Tragic Suicides of Robin Williams and Adolf Hitler


OK, I know, I know – you’re already pissed off by the headline. Bear with me here. I’m not implying Robin Williams was anything other than a great guy. Nor am I implying that Hitler was anything other than, well, a real Hitler of a fellow.

Still, both suicides were tragic – for wildly disparate reasons.

With the death of Robin Williams, one of the lights of the world has been extinguished. With that rascal Adolf, the world was denied its shot at partial retribution.

Robin Williams “killed” millions with his humor. Hitler killed millions.

Hitler took the coward’s way out and avoided being hung at Nuremburg. I don’t know how much it would’ve helped the world to have had the chance to ask Hitler, “Dude, WTF?” but the fact remains, he denied us the chance. Sorta like how he stole Poland.

There are a few other similarities between Williams and Hitler. Both were gifted entertainers who really enjoyed going onstage and hamming it up. Robin Williams “killed” millions with his humor. Hitler killed millions.

Finally, the thing that united them both: the hopelessness suicide demonstrates. In this, they were very much alike, as are all suicides. It lays low the good and the bad, bringing all to the same hellish place. Hitler, I believe we all agree, deserved that sort of misery. Mork assuredly did not.

They say that to be a good comedian, you have to be in pain. I suspect this is true. Sometimes, good things come from suffering.

Sometimes not.

Goodbye, Mr. Williams.RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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