The Red Shtick Podcast, Episode 96: “For a Black Mayor, He Sure Is White.”

[Explicit language]


TRS_PodcastLogoThis week, we join The Red Shtick Podcast already in progress amid a discussion about game show hosts by Jeremy White, Sunny Weathers, and The Family Dinner’s David Vitrano at El Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant.

The guys then talk about the new “5-2-1-0+10” video from Mayor Kip Holden and the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council that promotes healthy living for today’s youth. Amazingly, the video was apparently made 30 years before Kip was actually elected mayor.

Heyyyy, my name's not Anwar Sadat, Sunny.
Heyyyy, my name’s not Anwar Sadat, Sunny.

Jeremy explains the outlandishly whorish story of Kay Heath, who’s filed suit against the LSU Alumni Association over money she says she’s owed because of a sexual affair she had with the association’s President and CEO Charles Roberts.

He does kind of look like Anwar Sadat ... after the assassination.
He does kind of look like Anwar Sadat … after the assassination.

After some light banter about classic TV shows, the panel then addresses a lawsuit accusing a drunken CNN reporter of biting two EMTs. They also talk about a Baton Rouge criminal who recently took an awesome mugshot.

The show wraps up after an incredibly satisfying (and hopefully real) story involving 23 Burger King pies and a foul-mouthed, crybaby kid.


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