Secret Fournette Shrine Found in Moreau’s Home

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Even walking past, it’s barely noticeable, but there it is. On the floor of his two-car garage, behind an empty Cuisinart box, two grinning pictures of LSU freshman running back Leonard Fournette are bedecked with purple and gold beads, trinkets, and candles, all kept in an eerily neat arrangement.

Several friends of WAFB-TV news anchor Andre Moreau said they discovered the small shrine last weekend while helping Moreau move furniture he was donating to charity.

“I went out to the garage to look for something to tie down a chifforobe, and a glint of light beside the freezer caught my eye,” said one friend who asked to remain anonymous. “It’s definitely a cry for help.”

“He made one for Josh Booty and Thomas Dunson.”

Fournette, rated by ESPN as this year’s No. 1 recruit in the nation, has been the subject of much discussion and media coverage since January when he committed to LSU at the Under Armour All-America Game. The St. Augustine High School graduate is the figurehead of “Buga Nation,” reportedly prompting some fans to renounce their U.S. citizenship in favor of swearing allegiance to Fournette.

According to another friend of Moureau, similar shrines have turned up in the veteran reporter’s home before, including one for former Los Angeles Lakers Coach Phil Jackson, whom Moreau once met while co-hosting a Lakers championship victory parade during his tenure as an anchor at KCAL-TV.

“He made one for Josh Booty and Thomas Dunson,” a source said of Moreau. “But that was years ago. We thought he’d gotten past this kind of thing.”RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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