The Family Dinner Podcast 22: “Have You Seen Boston in Kansas?”

Brian Gouri, Mike Honore, and David Vitrano join Robert Rau in a rousing discussion of the city Boston, the band Boston, the bands Kansas, Asia, Europe, and then chaos reigns. David and Mike show off their new Boyz 2 Men/John Wayne acapella group, get into a rousing game of “This isn’t a microphone”, and then build-a-title with dyslexia. The focus then turns to Weird Al, Teen Jeopardy, and other topics that lead back to the microphone game.

[Explicit language]

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Show credits:

    • Director/Producer:  Robert Rau
    • Executive Producer:  Jeremy White

About Robert Rau

Robert Rau
Considered a poor man's Pat Sajak, Robert is a mild mannered state employee by day, entertainer by night.

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