The Red Shtick Podcast, Episode 93: “Eaton Kuntz”

[Explicit language]


TRS_PodcastLogoJeremy White and Sunny Weathers welcome Talk 107.3’s Kevin Gallagher back to El Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant for another spirited episode.

Sunny explains how he strained his shoulder sleeping, Jeremy wonders why U.S. Senate candidate Rob Maness tells people his name rhymes with “anus,” and the Louisiana GOP thinks Sen. Mary Landrieu should be charged with murder. Also, Kevin knew a politician who gave his kid a rather unfortunate name.

The panel discusses PBS’ coverage of the St. George incorporation effort on Frontline this week. It turns out, Baton Rouge is crawling with racists.

Opening line in Vegas is 2:5 she'll grow up to be a total cunt.
Opening line in Vegas is 2:5 she’ll grow up to be a total cunt.

The guys encroach on Dorque’s territory by talking about comic books, including news that Archie Andrews will die while saving his gay best friend and Marvel’s Thor will be represented by a female. Kevin and Sunny Dorque out on the subject while Jeremy feigns interest.

A man who wants to make sure his daughter grows up to be the most high-maintenance woman in America claimed unclaimed desert in Africa just so she could literally be a princess. Boko Haram can’t wait for her to visit her “subjects.”

The show wraps up after a brief discussion about how white men are responsible for an Asian woman allegedly sexually harassing another Asian woman.


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