The Red Shtick Podcast, Episode 92: “Robin Thicke Is a Pathetic Bitch”

[Explicit language]


Charles “Chuck P” Pierce from the “Me and My Big Mouth Podcast” pops his Red Shtick Podcast cherry by joining Sunny Weathers and Jeremy White for a fun episode at El Rio Grande Mexican restaurant.

Flip it over and the eggplant seeds spell DOG.

Jeremy kicks things off by mentioning how the 17-year-old, unwed daughter of two local medical doctors – one of whom is an abstinence-only-touting Republican congressman running for U.S. Senate – is due to give birth later this summer.

Sunny shows the panel a picture from his past that he won’t allow to be posted here, and former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison.

Sherman Hemsley's looking rough.
Sherman Hemsley’s looking rough.

A chef at Gino’s Italian Restaurant literally found God in an eggplant, a number of Vietnamese homeowners along Goodwood Boulevard really love the Virgin Mary, and male-pattern baldness is not exclusive to males. Plus, Sunny shares his thoughts on the valuation of precious metals, and FEMA hates a spork.

Rolling coal: Because logic is for pussies.
Rolling coal: Because logic is for pussies.

The guys debate who’s doing more damage to the conservative cause: open-carry activists or rolling-coal douchebags. Then they discuss who’s lost more credibility this week: Robin Thicke for being a whiney, stalker wuss or ESPN’s Jay Williams for totally licking Justin Bieber’s taint.

The show wraps up with a brief discussion of Brazil getting destroyed by Germany, because apparently the World Cup isn’t quite done yet.


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