The Red Shtick Podcast, Episode 89: “ZOINKS! Casey Kasem Is Dead!”

[Explicit language]

TRS_PodcastLogoComing to you from El Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, this is our first episode in which each of the three panelists is also the host of a podcast: Knick Moore (Dorque Podcast), Jeremy White (this one), and the Hallarious Howard Hall Jr. (Third Shift Show).

So while Sunny Weathers sits this one out in advance of getting a new black pug, Gov. Bobby Jindal is pissing off people (especially our panel) with vetoes. If that’s not enough, Knick’s wife issues a stern veto whenever he tries to order vindaloo at an Indian restaurant.

Jay Leno is set to win the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, and the guys are not smiling about it. They also give their assessment of the current late-night TV scene.

Scott “The Voice of Scooby Doo” Innes

After offering some friendly tips for cleaning up after sexual activity, Knick spends most of the second half of the show making fun of paying homage to the late Casey Kasem and his underappreciated affection for midgets, while Jeremy tells us about how local attention whore former radio host Scott Innes attempted to capitalize on the death of honored the memory of the legendary Casey Kasem.

And Howard has a DVD that is about to drop, six months before another will do the same. You can find out more at

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