The Red Shtick Podcast, Episode 87: “Whiskey Tequila Foxtrot”

[Explicit language]


Baton Rouge’s foodie laureate, Jay Ducote – of and the Bite and Booze radio show – joins Jeremy White and Sunny Weathers at El Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant for a special whiskey-and-tequila-tasting episode.

Tequila helps minimize Sunny's gag reflex.
Tequila helps minimize Sunny’s gag reflex.

Jay brought four friends, namely four types of Four Roses bourbon, while Sunny brought some of his whiskey stock. And just for good measure, El Rio owner Raul Urdiales whipped out some fine specimens from his personal stock of tequila.

Following a crash course on the finer points of bourbon from Jay, the fellas discuss the news story out of Oakland about a high school security guard who beat the crap out of a handcuffed, wheelchair-bound student with cerebral palsy. Sunny said the kid had it coming.

Fuck you, NF50.
Fuck you, NF50.

After Jeremy talks about his new favorite local TV show, he brings up the story of a Florida judge who beat the crap out of a public defender. The panel then tackles a recent study about hurricane names, as well as the sad news that the NFL is using Arabic numerals in an upcoming Super Bowl logo. Plus, 12-year-old Wisconsin girls are both stupid and hard to kill.

Next, the panel discusses some popular trends on the internet. Sunny once blew a 0.357 on a Breathalyzer. And Jay Ducote’s Louisiana Bar-B-Q Sauce will be hitting Baton Rouge store shelves next month. Hell yeah!


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