The Red Shtick Podcast, Episode 86: “Jeremy’s in Bed With Big Soda”

[Explicit language]


TRS_PodcastLogoThe original Red Shtick Podcast trio – Knick Moore, Sunny Weathers, and Jeremy White – are back together and in rare form at El Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant.

Knick’s fixing up his first house, which leads to a discussion about drunk home improvement.

Jeremy wrote an open letter to a downtown Baton Rouge building owner who covered up the historic Coca-Cola sign, which apparently means he’s totally in Coke’s back pocket.

Next is vintage drugs, Knick’s shopping habits, and rapper 50 Cent’s atrocious first pitch at a Mets game. This somehow leads to a discussion about #YesAllWomen, along with a dress code for men.

The show is briefly interrupted by a false fire alarm. (SPOILER ALERT: Knick is a shitty fireman.)

Molly Schuyler can't get enough meat in her mouth or rings in her ear.
Molly Schuyler can’t get enough meat in her mouth or rings in her ear.

Some cunt blamed the UCSB tragedy on Seth Rogen getting laid by hot chicks in movies, game show hosts are all raging alcoholics, and Maya Angelou’s death prompts drunk Sunny to suddenly start waxing poetic.

Jeremy tosses out a couple of news items, including a stupid 18-year-old in Georgia, a stupid 19-year-old in Oregon, and a Nebraska woman who ate 9 pounds of steak in under 15 minutes. Plus, Mexico’s fattest man died and was cremated.

The show wraps up with Sunny talking about his knife fetish.


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