The Red Shtick Podcast, Episode 85: “All Your Base Are Belong to Us”

[Explicit language]


TRS_PodcastLogoA particularly dark and acerbic Sunny Weathers joins publisher Jeremy White at El Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant again for another fun episode.

The show starts off with a rare apology from Mr. Weathers. Seems he actually felt bad about comments he made regarding a Metro Councilman’s kids last week.

The guys then drone on about drones, football spies, and sex offenders. Also, Sunny and Jeremy had fun with a phone call Jeremy got right before the show from a scammer (presumably) in South Central Asia.

Pat Sajak thinks the sun is racist.

Two violent crime stories in Baton Rouge this week managed to grab our panel’s attention, a pasty schlub is suing a stripper for the $3,000 worth of stuff he gave her while they were “dating,” and local police warned people about a pair of scams going around. Plus, Jeremy mentions the Chinese hackers, which prompts Sunny to give some solid anti-hacking advice.

The 2016 Olympics may very well take place in a literal cesspool, Aaron Brooks is inexplicably going into the Saints Hall of Fame, and Sunny thinks the latest lawsuit against the NFL by former players is total horseshit.

Oh, and Pat Sajak thinks the sun is racist. Happy listening!


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