BACS Honorable Mention: Jarrett Ambeau – DWI Defense Attorney

So often we get caught up in the excitement of prolific drunk drivers and their phenomenal acts of public endangerment that we forget to recognize the unsung enablers who work tirelessly to get our inebriated competitors out of jail and back out swerving on the road, median, and sidewalk where they belong.

If DWI defense attorneys are to BACS participants what sports agents are to professional athletes, then Jarrett Ambeau is Jerry Maguire.

Jarrett Ambeau actually rides along with his clients to be there before they get into trouble. Now THAT’S customer service!

Ambeau – an outspoken critic of DWI checkpoints and manager of the Facebook page “Baton Rouge DWI Checkpoints,” which publishes the locations of sobriety checkpoints – was arrested last month by Baton Rouge Police after an officer stopped the car in which he was a passenger. The driver, Shannon Bottoms, just happened to be one of Ambeau’s clients.

See, any DWI defense attorney can run an ad with a phone number to call when you get into trouble for boozing and cruising. But Jarrett Ambeau actually rides along with his clients to be there before they get into trouble. Now THAT’S customer service!

According to Ambeau’s attorney, David Rozas, Ambeau immediately told Bottoms to refuse any field sobriety tests and advised her not to answer any of the officer’s questions. Bottoms apparently doesn’t listen to instructions very well because, moments later, Ambeau noticed the officer beginning to perform a field sobriety test on the woman.

That’s when he reportedly sprung into action on his client’s behalf, despite the fact that he had been drinking. (Rozas admitted Ambeau had consumed alcohol. The arresting officer described him as “highly intoxicated.”)

“Wait, wait, stop, stop, stop,” the at-least-somewhat-inebriated man reportedly said with his hands up after exiting the vehicle while a police officer was attempting to perform a roadside test.

He’s like the Jesus of DWI attorneys!

Ambeau was handcuffed and arrested and booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on a misdemeanor count of interfering with an officer. Meanwhile, Bottoms was issued a citation for improper lane usage and failure to change address on a driver’s license, but was not charged with DWI, nor booked into jail.

What other lawyer out there will let you do the driving while he does the drinking … AND go to jail so you don’t have to? He’s like the Jesus of DWI attorneys!

And while most lawyers have billable hours, Ambeau apparently has billable happy hours. All that plus a Facebook page telling the entire worldwide web where not to drive in and around the capital city while tipsy.

So if you’re planning on getting behind the wheel after a few drinks, just remember: Jarrett Ambeau saves … you from doing serious time. Just make sure you show him the money.RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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