MARCH MADNESS: Crooked vs. Cooked – Day 10

Day 9 Results: Huey Long (1) soundly beat Ray Nagin (9) with 70.9% of the vote. Gumbo (1) edged out po-boy (8) with 56%. 

Week 2 of this year’s tournament wraps up with matchups featuring an inept crook, a laughable haircut, a sweet flamer, and a dish that kind of sounds like Julius Caesar’s last words.


CROOKED: Doug Green (5) vs. Richard Leche (4)
 It’s the champion of Champion versus the champion of Dapper Dan! It’s the sleazeball vs. the greaseball! Actually, both of today’s Crooked competitors are sleazy, but only one was also greasy.

Just a refresher: Former Louisiana Commissioner of Insurance Doug Green spent four times as long in jail than he spent in office for, among other things, illegally taking millions of dollars from insurance companies. Richard Leche, who once said he didn’t take a vow of poverty when he took the oath of office, was found guilty of everything but having an atrocious haircut, and he became the first Louisiana governor to be imprisoned.

It’s the sleazeball vs. the greaseball!

No. 5 seed Green got here by defeating former State Senator Larry Bankston in the first round, and fourth-seeded Leche beat Charles Roemer, who served as Gov. Edwin Edwards’ Commissioner of Administration.

COOKED: Bananas Foster (12) vs. Étoufée (4)
Twelfth-seeded bananas Foster pulled off the biggest upset of the tournament so far by defeating shrimp remoulade in the opening round. Meanwhile, No 4 étoufée totally smoked 13th-seeded red beans and rice.

Will the only dessert remaining in contention continue its winning ways, or will étoufée smother out bananas Foster’s flambé? YOU DECIDE!

Ready. Set. VOTE! (Polls close nightly at 10 p.m. CDT.)


FYI: If you’re trying to make sense of this graft vs. grub competition, here’s an explanation.RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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