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Reel DirtHow far in advance do you like to hear about movies? Personally, I like to know that a movie is coming out a couple of years ahead of time. Conversely though, I don’t want to know many details until a few months out.

Right now, the internet is being flooded with datum after datum about Avengers II, Star Wars Episode VII, and Batman vs. Superman. None of these movies are going to be out within the next 12 months, but people are mopping up every little detail as it spills out of the studio doors, the columns of the most unseemly tabloids, and on every corner of the internet where the slobs have blogs.

You would think we, as a collective, would get sick of hearing about a movie week after week for a year or more. Every week, we get one more tidbit of information about the new Star Wars movie. You hear about one more cast member, or that there will be at least one Jedi in it, or that it’s set 30 years after Return of the Jedi.

I am going to go on willful blackout on information regarding these and other movies until about three months before their release dates.

Maybe when I was a youth eagerly anticipating a movie for months and months was possible, but I think if I actively tried to be that excited for the next 12 or 14 or – in SW: Episode VII’s case – 20 months, I would get so burned out on the idea that when it finally came along, one of two things would happen: I’d either be so tired of inundating my mind with the movie’s media effluvia, I wouldn’t be interested any longer in actually seeing it; on the other hand, if I actually succeeded in maintaining that hype for a long period of time, it would have built up to such a level that no movie could possibly meet the expectations I’d have created.

"I'm already sick of hearing about Episode VII."
“I’m already sick of hearing about Episode VII.”

So, if you know me, you know I love love LOVE action/comic book/sci-fi movies. Your Avengers, your Star Treks, your Star Wars Star Warses … Star Warseses … your Star Wars movies. I can’t help but be excited. But I already know I am going to see these flicks on Day 1. Most likely, I’m going to see them at midnight.

That’s decided. It’s so decided, I may as well get it tattooed on me somewhere. As it is, the fact is already etched on my soul. Barring death or the birth of a presently unforeseen offspring of mine (not a niece or a nephew; I’m talking the fruit of my own nether-loom), I’ll be in that theater. And I’m only talking about my own death. And actually, cancel the baby thing. It’s not like I have to do any of the pushing.

That’s a lot of enthusiasm I just expressed. I’m not going to waste that in mindless speculation for the next year-plus. I’m going to hang on to that like the cold ember of revenge that nestles itself into the heart of the orphan Bruce Wayne on his way to becoming the world’s greatest detective.

What I’m going to do to preserve that ember of enthusiasm is this: I am going to go on willful blackout on information regarding these and other movies until about three months before their release dates. I know it’ll be hard, and doubtless, information will come my way whether I will it to or not. In this information age, it’d be impossible for it not to, but I shan’t seek it out.

There is plenty of news out there to keep up with about the world in general and movies coming out in the relatively near future in particular. If anything, I might limit my news on those particular movies to once a month. I know if I start obsessing about those now, I’ll be missing some quality time obsessing over Godzilla, Amazing Spider-man 2, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

That’s another great thing about our society: There are plenty things to keep up with. Don’t look too far, or you’ll miss what’s sitting right in front of you.

OK, so maybe I’ll wait until those movies are six months out instead of three. I’m stoked. I can’t help it.RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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