YOUR VOICES: Facebook Is Offering Dozens of Options for a User’s Gender. What Say You?

Social media giant Facebook announced this week it’s rolling out a number of “custom” gender options for users to choose from rather than just male or female. While the company hasn’t released a complete list of the additional choices it’s adding, ABC News reports users will be able to pick from at least 58 alternatives to identify their gender.

What do you think about this?


BaldBlackMan-YourVoices“Who cares. Tell me when they do something about all those goddam game invites.”
– Eric Dunn, social worker


BallCap-glasses-YourVoices“I’ll be friends with a tranny as long as they don’t post a million pics of their kids.”
– Cliff Berry, birdwatcher


Sunglasses-woman-YourVoices“God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and 58 people whose names rhyme with ‘Eve.'”
– Sharon Young, media watchdog





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