YOUR VOICES: Louisiana Drivers Are the Worst in the Country According to a New Study. What Say You?

A report published by on Monday says the Bayou State has the worst drivers among the 50 states. Louisiana received ratings in the bottom five in three different categories – failure to obey driving instructions (traffic signals and seat belts), ticketing rate, and careless driving. The other two categories used to get the final score were drunk driving and fatalities per miles driven.

What do you think about this?


Sunglasses-woman-YourVoices“Louisiana drivers really are stressful to deal with. That’s why I have a few drinks before getting on the road.”
– Elaine Dubois, social media consultant


“Bullshit. I stop at red lights at least half the time.”
– Nick Stabler, cartographer




Driver-selfie“Actually, I found another site where it says we don’t drive so bad. Holy shit, I’m getting pulled over.”
– Chris Borman, freelance apothecary

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