YOUR VOICES: Study Finds Sex and Alcohol Are More Enjoyable Than Kids and Religion. What Say You?

romantic-couple-in-bedroomResearchers at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand say a recent study shows people rate sex as the top activity that brings them happiness, followed by drinking alcohol or “partying.” Meanwhile, the study revealed meditating/religion came in fourth, and caring for children was rated as the fifth most enjoyable human activity.

What do you think about this?


Debra-Jamie-Rockwood-cropped“Wow, we might just have to forget our kids at Chuck E. Cheese.”
– Debra and Jamie Rockwood, crepe shop owners





Shirley-Marks-cropped“Makes sense. Jesus ain’t never said nuthin’ bought havin’ no kids. And player loved him some wine, mmmhmm.”
– Shirley Marks, plantation tour guide




Nathan-Dotson-cropped“Wait, experiencing orgasmic ecstasy and post-coitus euphoria are more enjoyable than ungrateful teenagers telling you you suck? Get the fuck out!”
– Nathan Dotson, bounty hunter


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