YOUR VOICES: A Bus Driver Is Accused of Choking a 7-year-old Student. What Say You?

Sandra-Henderson-EBRSO-bus-driverEast Baton Rouge sheriff’s deputies arrested 58-year-old school bus driver Sandra Henderson this week after they said she grabbed a 7-year-old Highland Elementary student by the throat and pinned him into his seat on the bus. She was booked into Parish Prison on Tuesday afternoon on counts of cruelty to juveniles.

What do you think about this?


“Kids are assholes. I want to choke the shit out of mine half the time.”
– Margaret Conti, part-time sunglasses model




Chaundra James“Jesus said ‘suffer little children,’ and that’s exactly what she made that kid do.”
– Chaundra James, gospel radio listener




SteveRogers“She pinned him down? If kids were meant to be pinned down on school buses, they’d have seat belts.”
– Steve Rogers, doomsday prepper


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