Woman With Food-Filled Pinterest Page Inexplicably Can’t Stick to Diets

A Galvez woman with a Pinterest page loaded with images of scrumptious, fattening food is flummoxed by her apparent lack of willpower to stick to a healthy diet.

Jean Labadeaux says she’s tried all sorts of regimens to shed about 50 pounds of flab, but admits she habitually sabotages her weight-loss efforts by willingly eating delicious, high-calorie foods.

“I really want to slim down, which means I need to eat right,” Labadeaux explained. “But I always find myself filling my face with all sorts of stuff I shouldn’t be. Cakes. Cookies. Quiches. You name it. It’s like they’re in my head begging me to eat them.”

“It’s like I can’t stop thinking about yummy, decadent food like cupcakes, doughnuts, pie, and ice cream.”

Labadeaux has amassed scores of pictures of cakes, cookies, and quiches – as well as all sorts of other dishes forbidden by her myriad thwarted diet plans – on the photo-sharing website Pinterest.

“I don’t understand it,”Labadeaux continued. “I really am serious about losing the weight. I even exercise on my treadmill like three or four times a week.”

pinterest-cakeWhile the 35-year-old medical transcriptionist says she doesn’t particularly enjoy exercising, she tries to make it more fun by passing the time watching her favorite TV shows on the Cooking Channel, such as Cupcake ConfidentialCupcake WarsDonut ShowdownFor the Love of Pie!, and Ice Cream Nation.

“Yet no matter how hard I try, it’s like I can’t stop thinking about yummy, decadent food like cupcakes, doughnuts, pie, and ice cream,” a frustrated Labadeaux said. “I get so stressed out about it, I usually end up trying to relax by getting on the computer and looking at other people’s Pinterest boards to see what I can re-pin on my page.”

Meanwhile, Labadeaux’s husband Rob theorizes his wife’s compulsion to consume fattening foods stems from her fixation on their images.

“Maybe if she didn’t look at that shit all day she wouldn’t want to eat that shit all day,” Rob said.

As for Jean, she scoffs at such a notion, insisting that her TV viewing and social media habits have nothing to do with her diet woes.

“That’s just stupid,” she said. “What does he know about dieting, anyway? He’s a man. It’s so easy for guys to lose weight.”RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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