LSU Fraternity Known for Tasteless Jokes Outrages Community With Tasteless Joke

DKE House BannerA fraternity with a reputation for not giving two shits about what people think has sparked indignation among the LSU faithful by displaying a banner expressing uncouth humor before the LSU-Kent State game.

Local news outlets and social media have been abuzz with sentiments of vociferous disapproval since Saturday when the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity hung from its house on Dalrymple Drive a sign mocking the 1970 killing of four unarmed Kent State students by Ohio National Guard troops.

“I’m shocked a bunch of depraved frat boys even know about something that happened 43 years ago.”

LSU Police reportedly had the fraternity remove the sign that read, “Getting massacred is nothing new to Kent St.”

Later, a sign offering an apology appeared in its place, but that obviously rote gesture has done little to stem the vehement condemnation.

“I can’t believe those little pricks would hang such a sign on game day,” LSU season ticket holder Ray Lambert said. “I mean, I’m shocked a bunch of depraved frat boys even know about something that happened 43 years ago.”

The LSU chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon, also know as the Dekes, has a long-standing tradition of unapologetically offensive humor. There are entire threads on internet message boards dedicated to regaling readers with the most infamous pranks purportedly pulled off by the LSU Dekes, including a mock assassination of Santa Claus in front of horrified children.

Other notorious game day messages by the fraternity include a picture of a 30-foot tampon with the statement “Stop the flow” when the Tigers hosted the Alabama Crimson Tide years ago.

Yet despite the fraternity’s legendary lack of both taste and giving a fuck, this particular sign has drawn the ire of LSU fans who long for the days when signs taunting visiting opponents were much classier.

“I remember going to a game against Rice with the old man when I was about 12 or 13,” Lambert recalled. “We passed in front of Plantation Trace Apartments and somebody hung a giant sign that said, ‘What comes out a Chinaman’s asshole? Rice.’ Now THAT’s a good fucking sign.”

Lambert continued, “Why can’t the Dekes stick to wholesome themes like racism and objectification of women? The massacre thing is just too much.”RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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