Hawthorne Shuns Rosters, Says He’ll “Wing It” This Football Season

JimHawthorneVeteran LSU play-by-play broadcaster Jim Hawthorne indicated he’ll call every Tiger Football game this season without the aid of player rosters.

In a statement released by the LSU Athletic Department, Hawthorne said, “After 31 years of being the “˜Voice of the Tigers,’ I’m simply going to wing it this year.”

Hawthorne said he came to the decision after realizing that he hadn’t peeked at a media guide since the Curley Hallman era. “I generally either doodle on the backs of them or write lyrics for my next country album,” the Anacoco native stated.

Hawthorne declared Isaac Newton had won the Heisman Trophy.

This might explain why, during the “Bluegrass Miracle” in 2002, arguably the most memorable finish in LSU sports history, Hawthorne exclaimed the winning pass was caught by No. 8 Jack Hunt (a white defensive player), rather than No. 9 Devery Henderson (a black receiver).

It’s likely also the reason why, during the College World Series this past Spring, Hawthorne declared Isaac Newton had won the Heisman Trophy.

Hawthorne assured fans that not having a list of player names readily available during games shouldn’t affect the quality of the broadcasts.

“If I’m unsure of a player’s name, I just go with my gut feeling. If he looks like a Bob Johnson, he’s Bob Johnson for the next three hours,” Hawthorne said. “The same thing goes for rules.”RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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