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Avon Targeting Latinas With New “Chola Loca” Cosmetics Line

U.S. cosmetics giant Avon Products, Inc. announced Wednesday that it’s introducing a makeup collection specifically created for lower-middle-class and incarcerated Hispanic women.

In a statement via its website, Avon said “Chola Loca” is a new line of beauty products targeting Latinas that will help the nearly 130-year-old corporation diversify its offerings.

Recent years have seen a steady decline in Avon’s sales among flannel-wearing Latin females between the ages of 12 and 30.

The new cosmetics line includes a stencil kit for making your own “chola” eyebrows with either kohl or black or brown Sharpie.

Meanwhile, focus group studies indicate the so-called “chola” look, which came to prominence in the late ’80s and early ’90s, has again been gaining steady popularity.

Avon’s Chola Loca cosmetics line takes its name from the especially hardcore Latina gangbangers, often called cholas, who popularized the wearing of very thin, penciled-on, and vaguely angry-looking eyebrows with tragically dark lip liner around the mouth.

More recent beauty trends among cholas include the addition of nose and/or “Monroe” piercings, which are located on the face where Marilyn Monroe had her famous beauty mark.

Pop star Gwen Stefani's look is chola-inspired.
Pop star Gwen Stefani’s look is chola-inspired.

The new cosmetics line includes a stencil kit for making your own chola eyebrows with either kohl or black or brown Sharpie, and boasts over 300 lip liners in dark rose, blood-red, and deep brown shades.

Pop music star Gwen Stefani, who was last seen ripping off the styles of Japan’s urban female population, and Los Angeles tattoo artist Kat Von D, of TLC’s L.A. Ink, have credited cholas with inspiring some of their fashion and makeup choices. The look also has been especially popular with Latinas in MS-13 stash houses.

The Associated Press reports Avon hired recently troubled actress Amanda Bynes to be the face of Chola Loca. The fall 2013 cosmetic line will be available for purchase in early October.RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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