Hey, it still could happen.

Are You Not Entertained?!

Reel DirtSince last we spoke, I’ve seen two of the big summer flicks that the throngs have been salivating over.

Star-Trek-Into-Darkness-Kirk-Spock-Black-ShirtsOne of them, Star Trek: Into Darkness, a particular segment of the throngs has been hotly anticipating. And yes, I am part of the throng. I love me some Star Wars, but I also was steeped in the ways of Starfleet and the Klingon Empire from a young age.

The movie doesn’t disappoint. It may not be the movie we want, but it’s the movie we deserve.

This one has whatever it was you liked, multiplied approximately 5.4 times. Even the thumbing of the nose to physics.

The other movie is the third one in as many months to feature The Hollywood Cleanup Hitter himself: His Holiness, The Rock. Fast and Furious 6 not only met my expectations, it blew me away. Fancy driving, crashes, gunplay, fisticuffs – in short, relentless action. It was amazing.

Hey, it still could happen.
Hey, it still could happen

And yes, I still hold to my assertion that Vin Diesel will win the Oscar. OK, maybe he won’t win the Oscar, but he’ll get nominated, mark my words.

There’s a fairly good reason I don’t technically review movies in this column. First off, it would mean I’d have to see a slew of movies that I don’t technically want to see. Although the cleansing feeling of reading about how a movie fails on every level is a wondrous experience, and I like seeing excellent movies as well as – every now and then – partaking in some truly awful cinema, I could do without the plethora of mediocrity.

I do give my unadulterated recommendation to Fast and Furious 6, or Fast 6, or – as it actually says in the opening credits – Furious 6, which sounds like a backup band for an early ’80s musician.

If you liked any of the previous movies even a little, this one has whatever it was you liked, multiplied approximately 5.4 times. Even the thumbing of the nose to physics. This will stretch your incredulity, but turn off that part of your brain that says, “That can’t happen in real life!” and you’ll enjoy it.

Actually, I think the more money spent in the production of a particular scene, the more you’ll have to push down that part of your brain, so if you go in understanding that, I think you’ll have a grand ol’ time!

Next time, I’ll be talking about how Hollywood isn’t using trailers correctly.RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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