The Red Shtick Podcast, Episode 36

TRS_PodcastLogoPublisher Jeremy White, contributor Sunny Weathers, and The Family Dinner’s Robert Rau, Jr. (also of Delete Comedy) start this week’s show by talking about Major Leaguer and Oklahoma City native Matt Kemp being totally shamed by the Thunder’s Kevin Durant’s charitable donation to help victims of the recent killer tornado.

The guys touch on Manti Te’o’s recent attendance of a party thrown by Maxim, even though the magazine ranked his fake girlfriend as the 69th hottest woman of 2012.

They then discuss whether excessive or substandard tattoos on medical personnel is a non-starter, which leads to speculation about how well certain pro athletes would fare at other professions.

Sunny Weathers gives Burn Notice two nips up.
Sunny Weathers gives Burn Notice two nips up.

The fellas then spend at least half of the show talking about old cartoons and TV shows. Along the way, we find out Jeremy knows way too much about Petticoat Junction, while Sunny admits he has an affinity for Murder She Wrote and Simon & Simon. Mr. Weathers also reveals the real reason he likes USA Network’s Burn Notice is Gabrielle Anwar’s nipples, despite her weird face and even weirder abdomen.

The subject of MMA fighters cutting weight comes up before Robert tries to convince Jeremy and Sunny to give It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia another chance.

The trio wraps up the show with a discussion about a Baton Rouge crawfish vendor who rode on a truck’s hood for several miles, but not before Robert let’s us all know about The Family Dinner’s upcoming Mystery Science Theaterish gig on June 20 at the Manship Theatre.

[Explicit language]

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