QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Lamest Excuse on Social Media for the Obviously Guilty

TRS-QOTW-GraphicHere at The Red Shtick, we don’t like to pretend we have all the answers (unlike some local publishers who served as chairman of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s transition team). We know that we don’t know everything, especially regarding life’s most troubling questions.

That’s why, starting today, we’re kicking off each week by posing a pertinent and puzzling query for which you, our esteemed readers, may provide much-needed feedback and insight.

Our inaugural QOTW involves the internet; more specifically, the utter and willful ignorance that many people exude on the web.

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, God bless you. This is one instance where ignorance truly is bliss.

For the rest of you who have made the mistake of reading comments on a website – any website – you undoubtedly and sadly can relate, especially if you’re reading them on social media sites.

In fact, Facebook essentially has become THE place to go to lose all faith in humanity. Just check out the innumerable cogent and thought-provoking comments on WAFB’s Facebook page, particularly on stories involving crime. We dare you.

When you’ve had your fill of people defending the indefensible (eat your heart out, Clarence Darrow), come back here and give us your opinion about our QOTW.


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