The Red Shtick Podcast, Episode 35

TRS_PodcastLogoPublisher Jeremy White and contributors Sunny Weathers and Stephanie Landry kick off this week’s show talking about the recent attack of a white family at a Baton Rouge Chevron station and BRPD’s underwhelming response to a possible hate crime.

The trio then talks about harassing phone calls Jeremy has received recently, as well as how Stephanie’s son reacted to seeing black people when he was 3.

Then there’s a rather interesting, extended “live read” promoting Grand Cinema Station, a local fantasy and couples store that also happens to carry knives, swords, and armor.

For Sunny's next encounter with Pat Simon.
For Sunny’s next encounter with Pat Simon.

Later, the topic turns to the fat asses of O.J. Simpson and Tammy Jung, an aspiring BBW fetish model who’s striving to become morbidly obese with the help of her boyfriend.

The gang then touches on music that they hate before Jeremy briefly mentions his recent trip to Miami, during which the issue of prostate exams arose.

After a discussion about the evolution of Livingston Parish, Stephanie helps bring the show to a close by talking about some of the messed-up stuff her two sons have done.

[Explicit language]

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