The Red Shtick Podcast, Episode 34

TRS_PodcastLogoPublisher Jeremy White and contributors Sunny Weathers and Knick Moore begin this episode by talking about the kidnapped girls who recently were rescued in Cleveland after being held for ten years allegedly by Ariel Castro and his two brothers. Sunny offers some very tasteful jokes and astute observations about the situation.

Knick then shifts the topic to Jeremy’s mother; more specifically, her recent conversion to Judaism and her pending relocation to Israel later this summer.

After the fellas briefly speak about Michael Jackson’s wigs and the dangers of using the term “double fisting,” Jeremy recounts his recent encounter with Matt and Darby – a pair of loudmouth douchebags – at a Houma restaurant. This leads to an extended discussion about alter egos, during which the guys touch on GoBots, Sunny’s archnemesis Pat Simon, and guns created with 3-D printers.

The trio wraps up the show after bringing up Michael Richards’ infamous 2006 N-bomb-laced stand-up comedy meltdown at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood.

[Explicit language]

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