CATS’ “Bitchin’ New Logo Totally Makes up for Sh-tty Service,” Riders Say

CATS-Logo-402x282Baton Rouge public transit users are raving about Capital Area Transit System’s new logo design, insisting that it more than compensates for chronically late buses, lack of convenient routes, and a widely panned GPS tracking system that features an all-but-useless smartphone app.

CATS announced the new logo design last month with a full-page ad in a Sunday edition of The Advocate, as well as via radio interviews wherein frighteningly detailed verbal descriptions of the new design were given.

“I still got to wait an hour and a half for my bus sometimes in the rain, but that logo is worth waiting for a whole day in the snow!”

Although the design has yet to be fully implemented on CATS vehicles, bus shelters, and the CATS website, riders of the troubled system say it represents money well spent.

“I’m really glad they took some of that new tax money to get a new logo,” said regular rider Ernest Lavigne, referencing the 10.6-mill property tax to improve the bus system that passed in April 2012. “Course, I still got to wait an hour and a half for my bus sometimes in the rain, but that logo is worth waiting for a whole day in the snow!”

CATS officials have taken fire for missing deadlines and not delivering on promises made during last year’s controversial and closely contested property tax election. Those promises include adding new shelters and additional routes, including express routes to populated areas.

CATS riders are thrilled about the transit system's new logo.
CATS riders are thrilled about the transit system’s new logo.

Yet none of that matters to 68-year-old great-grandmother Sylvia Jarrell since she found out about the redesigned logo.

“I used to get all flustered that I had to take four different buses to get to my third job,” Jarrell explained. “But now I just think about that pretty new CATS logo with all those nice colors, and all my stress goes away. It’s like a spa treatment for my aching feet.”

Earlier this year, CATS rolled out a heavily promoted $1.4 million GPS system for smartphones and computers that was touted as being able to pinpoint the location of a bus within 15 seconds of accuracy. Almost immediately, however, countless riders complained about the GPS phone app, called Route Shout, saying it was difficult to navigate, often inaccurate, and generally about as useful as wet toilet paper.

Since CATS unveiled the new logo, though, riders like Chuck Zeringue say all is forgiven.

“Man, that bitchin’ new logo totally makes up for sh-tty service,” Zeringue stated. “I mean, that thing is righteous, bruh! Who gives a crap if leaning out into traffic and looking down the street is just as effective as that million-dollar app? At least when the bus does show up, I get to ride like a boss in a bad-ass whip!”RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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