YOUR VOICES: What Do You Have for Appraisal on “Antiques Roadshow”?

The PBS show Antiques Roadshow is coming to Baton Rouge on July 27, so we asked a few folks from the area what they might bring in for appraisal.



“I have a complete Tupperware set bought at a party the night before JFK was assassinated.”
– Doris Smiley, retired ballbuster




“Pat Shingleton’s original toupee.”
– Jim Tate, blogger’s apprentice




“I’ve got all but three issues of Screw magazine ever printed since 1968. In pretty good shape. Only a few of the pages are stuck together.”
– C.J. Shriver, pornography connoisseur



“Senor Puppet’s immigration papers.”
– Sarah Kramer, professional cougar





“A fossilized turd from the first Mike the Tiger.”
– Joe Strauss, gambler, LSU fan




“I got this Donkey Kong T-shirt I’m wearing that came with my Nintendo 64. It’s gotta be worth something. I could use the money for bail.”
– Greg Zeringue, serial pilferer

Liz Flannagan



“A Spiderman wall-mounted toothbrush holder from Avon, circa 1978.”
– Liz Flannagan, insufferable hipster




“I got a used condom collection from Livingston Parish. That’s pretty rare considering folks there don’t believe in using condoms.”
– Steve Rogers, doomsday prepper

Tony Babin



“Every Emmanuelle movie ever shown on Cinemax recorded on Betamax.”
– Tony Babin, aspiring registered sex offender


Chaundra James


“I’ve got a popcorn bucket from the last movie ever shown at the old Paramount Theater downtown. But I think mice might’ve gotten to it, because it has a hole in the bottom.”
– Chaundra James, part-time stock photo model

Gerald Waters



“Foster Campbell’s detached eyeball preserved in a jar of pickled eggs.”
– Gerald Waters, Vietnam veteran, stalkerRedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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